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Debt Management watch Watch

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

 12:20 PM PST
Google Alert for: Debt help

Re: US government refuses to pay its debt in legal tender
... Would it be possible for her to get such a number so you can have a
joint account with her? I think blathering on and on to some idiot
at the consular office about "legal tender" is not going to help you
much. Finding a way to cash the check WILL help you!
misc.legal.moderated - Sep 07, 01:18pm by Timothy - 6 message - 5 author

{email} {419 scam} urgent help needed
... That has now resulted in an extra £10K / $18K of personal debt. ... We desperately
need help, and we would so much appreciate it if you can help in any way,
so I can be reunited with my fiancée who I desperately love, and give her
the moral and financial support she so desperately needs. ...
news.admin.net-abuse.sightings - Sep 07, 05:00pm by James-W. Anderson - 1 message - 1 author

Re: Debt free living
... Also,Why not get a loan for the house(good debt) when on the long term
it may act as a good investment vehicle. ... http://groups.msn.com/
R2INRIFinanceAndInvestments/_emailsettings.msnw Need help? If you've
forgotten your password, please go to Passport Member Services. ...
R2I-NRI-Club - Sep 07, 12:02pm by R2I - NRI Finance And Investments - 3 message - 2 author

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